The Launch of our online school

In the UK almost 60,000 pupils are home-schooled every year and this number is increasing.   Home schooling used to mean parents being the teachers! But more and more parents are moving away from being the educational providers and are looking towards an online solution and well, this is how we started.  A family was travelling overseas and wanted to combine home tuition,  a relaxed family life with a lot of outdoors activities.  They also wanted their children to work it out a bit themselves and so with raw recruits we started!  Using the expertise gleaned over many years of finding great teachers and putting together engaging yet comprehensive academic programmes we delivered our first programme on our virtual school platorm.  We now offer the full range of curriculum for students for primary aged upwards.

One parent, Tom in Spain, describes how it works for his three children:

“Schooling with OEC has removed so much stress from our day.  We don’t have to rush around getting our three kids to school; they are never tired as the school day is a shorter one and they have plenty of time to do their homework (and they love doing it!) ……  Family life no longer revolves around school, school fits in with where and how we want to live.”

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
09:00-09:40 SS. Science & History Homework

(SS=self study)

French with Rachel PSHE with Kate

Lesson shared with Max

SS. 09:00-09:20 Piano practice

09:20-09:40 English homework

SS. 09:00-09:20 French Homework

09:20 TUTORIAL with Rachel



Alternate weeks:

Art /Music / Drama workshop


09:50–10:30 SS. Piano practice SS. Reading Reading with Gerry Spanish with Monica History with Gerry

Lesson shared with Max

Art /Music / Drama workshop
10:40-11:20 Tutorial with Rachel Maths with Chris English with Kate


SS. Project prep & Spanish homework Science with Lucy

Lesson shared with Nina

Art /Music / Drama workshop
11:30-12:10 English with Kate Geography with Nick

Lesson shared with Max

French with Rachel Maths with Tania Spanish with Monica  
12:20-13:00 Maths with Tania Own project with Kate SS. Maths & Geography Homework


Science with Lucy

Lesson shared with Nina


English with Kate