Sarah Bacon
OEC Director

Consultant in Social Sciences, Humanities and Business areas.

Sarah says she’s been lucky enough to be involved in international education since applying for a teaching position in Algeria straight after university. From there she travelled enjoying a diverse and exciting career across three continents in colleges, universities and the British Council. Following this, Sarah branched out into teacher training, setting up schools and teaching departments in the UK and overseas, as well as spending many happy years as Vice Principal and Director of Academic Development at Kings Education.

Sarah’s journeying had to stop but not before meeting her husband, Kevin, in Cuba. Now fifteen years later from the heart of England, Sarah’s focus is on bringing quality educational advice and care to international students, as well as enjoying her family and dogs.

With involvement in education outside and inside the UK, Sarah’s gathered a wealth of experience and an in depth understanding of the cultural differences and educational approaches of other countries which has inspired her to set up Oxford Education Consulting.

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